Sr. No. Name of the faculty Title of the project Subject Amount
in Rs.
Funding agency Status Page No.
1 Dr. U. B. Aithal A statistical analysis of Changes in Social status of the families in Kolhapur district over the last two generations Statistics 1,50,000/- UGC Ongoing 1
2 Dr. J. K. Pawar An analytical study of Male-Female Ratio in Kolhapur district Economics 25,000/- UGC Ongoing 2
3 Dr. T. G. Nagaraja Efficacy of anti microbial activities of some medicinal plants of Western Ghats Botany 1,10,000/- UGC Ongoing 3
4 Dr. D. G. Chaugule Primer Co-Operative Credit Societies in Karveer Taluka Dist. Kolhapur-A Case Study Economics 85,000/- UGC Ongoing 4
5 Dr. M.B. Waghmare Eco-Friendly approaches for the management of certain fungal diseases …. Botany 1,20,000/- UGC Ongoing 5
6 Dr. Shedam M. R. Synthesis and characterization of silica coatings by Sol-Gel methods Physics 1,60,000/- UGC Ongoing 6
7 Mr. R. B. Bhaskar Application of remote sensing in socio-economic analysis of Kolhapur City Geography 1,05,000/- UGC Ongoing 7
8 Mr. Pawar-Patil V. S. Socio-Economic appraisal of Tulsi Irrigation project: a Geographical study Geography 1,45,000/- UGC Ongoing 8
9 Mr. Deshmukh S.A. Morphological, palynological and protein profile studies in some Cassia… Botany 1,60,000/- UGC Ongoing 9
10 Dr. Smt. K. A. Gagrani Positive Transformation of Prisoners Through the open Jail: a study of its history and ………. History 1,05,000/- UGC Ongoing 10
11 Mr. Adhav R. P. Kolhapur Zilyatil Shatakottari Sarvajanik Granthalayachi Marathi Dolamudritancha Abhyas Library science 1,00,000/- UGC Ongoing 11
12 Dr. T. G. Nagaraja Biochemical analysis of Mappica foetida Miers under Pathogenesis Botany 75,000/- UGC Completed 12
13 Dr. S. A. Bhojagar Pattern of new product introduction in consumer product category-A decade study Commerce 40,000/- UGC Completed 13
14 Dr. A. A. Kalgonda Monitoring and diagnosis of multivariate auto correlated process using bootsrap technique Statistics 20,000/- UGC Completed 14
15 Dr. D. G. Chougule A study of growth and structure on non-tax current revenues of the government of India Commerce 40,000/- UGC Completed 15
16 Dr. T. G. Nagaraja Efficacy of botanical pesticides from Western Ghats Botany 75,000/- UGC Completed 16
17 DR. S. P. Patil Study of some selected elements by liquid Chemistry 50,000/- UGC Completed 17
18 Dr. V. B. Shimpale Conservation of Merremia rhynchorhiza (Convolvulaceae): An endangered, endemic……Western Ghats Botany 60,000/- UGC Completed 18
19 Dr. A. M. Shaikh Synthesis, characterization and studies on electrical, magnetic properties of doped nanocrystalline Ni-Zn Ferrites prepared by chemical methods Electronics 97,000/- UGC Completed 19
20 Dr. A. M. Shaikh Synthesis, characterization and comparative studies of permeability measurements of Mn-Zn Ferrites prepared by different methods Electronics 2,00,00/- UGC Completed 20
21 Dr. T. G. Nagaraja Efficacy of anti-microbial activities of plants from Western Ghats Botany 1,70,000/- UGC Completed 21
22 Dr. G. S. Kamble Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on water and electric policy and its importance in the present context Economics 70,000/- UGC Completed 22

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Title of the project Subject Amount
in Rs.
Funding agency Status Page No.
1 Dr. R. S. Patil Investigations of self-powered smart window based on transparent organic solar cell and electromic inorganic oxides Physics 12,44,800/- UGC Ongoing 1
2 Dr. S. B. Chaudhari The Study of Marathi Film Songs- 1932 to 1990 Marathi 6,73,700/- UGC Ongoing 2
3 Dr. V. B. Shimpale Bioprospecting of two endemics of Asteraceae from Konkan Corridor of Western Ghats, India Botany 10,62,300/- UGC Ongoing 3
4 Dr. Smt. Gajre K. A. Comparative studies on effect of dietary restriction and antioxidant supplementation on cellular damage and turn over and antioxidant protection in Drosophila melanogaster Zoology 9,98,800/- UGC Ongoing 4
5 Dr. R. S. Patil Multicolored conducting polymer composites layer by layer deposition for electrochronic smart window application Physics 11,79,320/- UGC Completed 5

Total amount generated: 73,20,920/- (Seventy three lacs twenty thousand nine hundred twenty only)

Minor Research Project: 21, 62, 000/-

Major Research Projects: 51,58,920/-