Mission , Vision , Goals

Mission , Vision , Goals

  • Mass welfare and happiness through the spread of education. (“Bahujan Hitay : Bahujan Sukhay”)
  • To co-educate male and female students (through Marathi medium)
  • To enrich Indian culture and languages.
  • To stress/emphasise activity oriented and practical based education.
  • To maintain high academic standard.
  • To inspire loyalty to the nation.
  • To endeavour to create ability to take decisions collectively and democratically.
  • To create scientific attitude.
  • To ensure values like truth, honesty, character, science and sacrifice into the students and to curb social exploitation through education amongst them.
  • To create love for dignity of labour.
  • To train the students to face competitive examinations
  • To provide a platform to the students to enhance their skills/potentials as well as a sense of social responsibility and nationality through sports, cultural activities, NCC, NSS and other events.
  • To help the students for the job training and placement of jobs wherever possible.