Department of Sociology

Establishment: June, 1971

General Information about Dept.:

Department of sociology established under the headship of Dr. R.B Jadhav who is well-known intellectual personality. Department has 1257 reference books and more than 500 textbooks available in the central library. Departmental enrollment is always high and department has a great tradition of result. Department organize various activities for student overall development.

Faculty Profile:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. A. R. Kamble (Jagatkar) M.A., SET, Ph.D. HOD & Assistant Professor
2 Mr. A. A. Ghodake M.A., NET Assistant Professor

  1. To understand society systematically.
  2. To create social awareness regarding social research.
  3. To create social awareness regarding social problems like- drug addiction, child labor, dowry and female foeticide in students to do something for our society as a member of this society.
  4. To make them socially responsible citizen of country.
  5. To make students capable to get jobs and resources for livelihood.
  6. To strengthen students ability to live their life beautifully.
  7. To make them able to carry social responsibility.
  8. To make them aware about different culture and to let them know the unity in diversity
Our Alumni:

1. Dr. P. M. Mane Assist. Professor, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
2 Dr. Smt. Sushama Limkar Assist. Professor
3 Mr. Avinash Kamble Assist. Professor
4 Miss. Dipali Samant Assist. Professor

Departmental Activities :
  1. Study Tour, Industrial Tour
  2. NGO meets at ‘Avani’
  3. Guest Lectures, Group discussion, Poster Exhibition
  4. Participation of various workshops
Extra Curricular Activity:
  1. Student’s Birthday celebration
  2. Welfare function
  3. Guru Pornima
  4. Participation in blood donation camp
  5. Participation in Various Workshops
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