Department of Mathematics

General Information about Dept.:

Presently B.Sc.-I, II classes are available in the College. Strength of B.Sc.-I, II in the college is more than 400.Results of B.Sc.-II is 100%, B.Sc.-I is more than 90%. Teaching Methods:

  • Question-Answer
  • Problem Solving
  • Demonstration
  • Lecture-Counseling
Books in Central Library:
  • Number of Books – 1883
  • Number of e-books- 230
  • Number of e-journals – 50
Strength of Students:- B.Sc-I-220, B.Sc-II-120
  • Use of ICT:- For B.Sc.-II C- Language Practicals are conducted on Computers.
  • Scientific Calculators are also used for Mathematics Practicals
Faculty Profile:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.B.P. Jadhav M.Sc. (Gold Medalist) Ph.D., DHE HOD & Assistant Professor
  1. To develop logical thinking among the students.
  2. To develop mathematical skills and computing expertise among the students.
  3. To develop abilities for using mathematics in Industry.
  4. To develop skills to use mathematics for other science subjects.
  5. To develop capabilities among the students to face the competitive examinations.
  6. To enable the students to solve mathematical problems in daily life.

Special Achievements of Dept:Ist,2nd prizes received by our students in maths Quiz organized by SUMS Departmental Activity:
  1. Celebrations of Gurupornima
  2. Celebrations Teachers Day
  3. Celebrations Mathematics Day
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