Department of Hindi

Establishment: June, 1971

General Information about Dept.

Since its establishment Hindi deptt. has maintained its glorious tradition of the best results, achievements of national scholarships. We prepare students for seeking job opportunities through courses in translation and functional Hindi. The department itself has also declared its own scholarship to attract student.

Faculty Profile:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Smt. C.C. Chavan M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil Associate Professor

  1. To encourage students for national language ‘Hindi’.
  2. To introduce various genres in literature.
  3. To give information of job opportunities.
Our Alumni:

1 Dr Saroj Patil Lecturer
2 Dr. Satappa Chavan Lecturer
3 Dr. Chitra Panshikar Lecturer
4 Shri. Laxman Patil Lecturer
5 Shri. Arun Kamble Lecturer
6 Shri. Savita Patil Lecturer

Departmental Activity:

Teachers Day, Hindi Day, Various Competitions, Publication of Hindi Visheshank.

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