Professional Courses
Department of B.C.S.

Establishment:June 2001

General Information about Dept.:

Two Computer Labs with more than 50 computers, Wi-Fi Connectivity in the lab.

Faculty Profile:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.A. M. Shaikh M.Sc., Ph.D. M.Sc.CS Director
2 Smt. DESHMUKH S.G. M.Sc. (Stat) Assistant Professor
3 Shri. GIDDE K. P. M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
4 Shri. ATHANIKAR A.S. M.Sc. (Elect),NET, SET Assistant Professor
5 Shri. JADHAV M. A. M.Sc. (Comp.Sc) Assistant Professor
6 Smt. GARWARE A. D. M.C.A. Assistant Professor
7 Smt. PATIL M. M. M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
8 Smt. KALEKAR G. D. M.Sc. (Comp.sc.) Assistant Professor
9 Shri.CHAVAN R.D. M.Sc. (Comp;Sc.) Assistant Professor
10 Smt.JADHAV D. N. M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
11 Smt.PATIL D. B. M.Sc. (Elect) Assistant Professor
12 Shri. POWAR S. T. B.E. Compt Assistant Professor
13 Smt. JADHAV D. D. M.A. (Eng.) Assistant Professor
14 Smt. PATIL S. B. M.C.A. Assistant Professor
15 Smt. GHATAGE S. S. M.C.A. Assistant Professor

  1. Educate and encourage the students to make use of technology to meet the growing needs of IT industry.
  2. Improve and develop advanced computing skills to cope up with the globalized world.
  3. Provide an awareness and understanding of current technology trends.
Our Alumni:
  • Amit Raut (Patni Computers)
  • Dhanashri Rao (Mobifilia)
  • Nilesh Kulkarni (Soft Developmer)
  • Namdeo Patil ( Mistubishi)
  • Poonam Sutar (Infosys)
  • Shital Patil (Infosys)
  • Mandar Karambe (Infosys)
  • Amol Korane (Wipro Infotech)

Special Achievements of Dept:8 Students selected by Infosys, Bangalore.

Departmental Activity:
  1. “New Horizon” An Inter University Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation & Programming Skill
  2. Test Competition organised every year from 2004.
  3. Wel come function for B.C.S. I students.
  4. Farewel function for B.C.S. III students.
  5. Seminars/ Workshop / Guest Lecture organized every year.
Co - Curricular Activities:
  1. Birth Day celebration of Teachers
  2. Study Tours & Staff Tours arranged.
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