Scholarship /Fees


S.C., S.T., N.T. students are entitled to this scholarship. Such students should seek admission to this college after their SSC/HSC examination. An affidavit on a stamp of Rs.20/- should be made before the magistrate in case of break in the continuity of education. Students from this category are entitled to full scholarship if the father’s annual income is below Rs.1,00,000/-. They get half the allowance and payment of full fee if the father’s annual income is more than Rs.50,921/- but below Rs.60,965/-. No scholarship is permissible if the father’s annual income is more than Rs.60,966/-. Failure in examination or availing ofsuch scholarship for an equivalent course do not entitle a student to this scholarship. Only two children from the same family can avail of this scholarship. A student who has full-time employment cannot avail of this scholarship. The scholarship is valid from the date of admission to the completion of the annual examination
  1. The application has to be submitted Online before July 31st every year
  2. The application form should be complete in all respects
  3. The application should be supported by caste and income certificate
  4. Declaration of Income should be signed by father,
  5. Attested copy of the School Leaving Certificate should be attached.